BFSC Off-Season Ice Program; May Ice Times

From BFSC Summer Ice Coordinator Rebecca Barber:

Hello Club Members and Parents,

I wanted to get some information out clarifying the BFSC season and off-season ice times.

During the BFSC club season, which runs approximately mid-October through the end of the spring ice show, the club has a partnership relationship with Brookings Park and Rec department.  This partnership allows for use of designated Club ice time and the rehearsal schedule for the ice show.  These times are available to members as part of their yearly BFSC Membership. 

When the show finishes, the “off-season”, or “summer” season begins.  At this time, if the club wishes to have ice time for personal practice or lessons with private coaches, the club has to reserve time at the rate of about $150.00 an hour with taxes.  The BFSC Board recognizes the value that off-season ice time brings to its members.  Therefore, the club is willing to subsidize part of these fees.  But, BFSC still has to charge for skaters to use the ice, as the club does not do enough fundraising to cover the entire cost.  As the club grows and more and more skaters attend “off-season” ice sessions, the costs will begin to spread out and the club can charge less.  BFSC may also be able to offer more hours per week.

BFSC will have ice available on Thursday and Sundays from 6:45-7:45 pm starting May 3rd.

May 3

May 6

May 10

May 13

May 17

May 20

May 24

May 27 – Only if there are lots of skater requests

May 31

A June schedule will follow at the end of May.

Cost will be as follows:

  • BFSC Member:  $20/hour walk-on rate
  • Non-member (skaters from other clubs): $25/hour walk-on rate.
  • Due to the fact that the club is planning on this same schedule through the end of July, a punch card with 10 punches is available to BFSC members for $125 and to non-club members for $200.

Skaters can receive private lessons at this time from any BFSC coach member.  Other coaches may give lessons on ice by either paying the walk-on fee or by becoming a BFSC coach member.

Hopefully this clarifies some of the questions about our off-season.  Please email Rebecca Barber directly with any questions at