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The Brookings Figure Skating Club (BFSC) is dedicated to promoting the sport of amateur figure skating, providing continual education and training opportunities for its members and instilling good sportsmanship. To do this we provide the programs and facilities that will encourage each individual to achieve their own goals in a safe and healthy environment.

BFSC is a member of the Ice Sports Industry (ISI) and partners with the Brookings Park & Recreation Department for group lessons following the ISI curriculum. The purpose of this program is to take a skater from beginning lessons to higher levels, offering all age and all level competitions that are recognized nationwide.

Membership in the ISI program includes such benefits as: earning colorful badges for each completed level, monthly issues of the Recreational Ice Skating magazine, and coverage by ISI individual member accident insurance with a $25,000 medical/dental expense maximum and a $1,000 deductible per injury.

If you are interested in registering for skating lessons, please visit the City of Brookings Park & Recreation Department activity registration website.

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Once you've made the decision to join BFSC, don't delay! 

Annual Regular Member dues for are discounted for all new members.

To Become a Member of BFSC, complete the BFSC Individual Membership Application which can be found on our Documents page.

We also welcome potential Coaches to check us out! We accept ISI or USFSA credentialing for coaches. COACHES REGISTER HERE!

If you have questions about the various categories of membership that are offered by BFSC, please Contact Us.

When the form is complete, please mail two separate checks (one for BFSC membership dues and a deposit check dated August 10, 2022 for the BFSC volunteer points program) to the following address. Do not include a check for ISI membership as that is already included in your BFSC membership dues.

PO Box 364
Brookings, SD 57006

Additional details regarding membership can be found in the BFSC Membership Handbook.

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To ensure the success of the Brookings Figure Skating Club and to keep all families actively engaged in the club throughout the season, a volunteer program has been established. Families are required to earn a specified number of points each season, and points may be earned by serving in various positions and volunteer roles as defined in the BFSC Job Descriptions document. 

Other volunteer work approved by the board generally earns points at the rate of approximately 10 points per two hours worked. The goal of the program is to keep all families involved and to help keep costs to operate the club at a minimum. Families meeting their points requirement before the end of the season, however, are encouraged to continue supporting the club as long as there is work needing to be done.

A family is required to earn points based on the number and level of skaters in the club. All points must be earned during the period starting September 1 and ending August 10 of the following year. Extra points earned may not be carried over to the following year or transferred to another family.

Each family will be required to complete and submit a Volunteer Agreement along with a deposit check for the value of the points the family is to earn. If the required points have not been earned as of August 10, the family will be notified by BFSC that the deposit check will be cashed, and a check representing the dollar value of the points actually earned will be sent to the family. 

Alternately, the family may contact the BFSC Membership Chair to pay the dollar value of the unearned points in exchange for the original points deposit check.

A report of volunteer points earned to date will be communicated by the BFSC Membership Chair on a monthly basis.

See the BFSC Membership Handbook for information. 

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Katie Bratberg 

Years Skating: 12

Years Coaching: 6

Private Lessons: Yes

Where do you work or go to school: Assistant Manager, Oakwood Lakes State Park

Highest personal skill levels passed: ISI Freestyle 4.

Coaching/Testing credentials/certifications: Certified Professional Coach and ISI Gold Level Judge.

Competition experience: Competitive for 5 years in many events.

Specific coaching interests: Interested in coaching skaters of all ages and skill levels on a recreational or competitive level.

Professional goal(s): To help skaters reach their highest potential while enjoying the sport. I believe building a strong foundation in the lower levels is vital before passing into Freestyle.

Katie Luggar

Cell Phone:(605) 438-6938


Years Skating: 

Years Coaching: 16

Private Lessons: No

Where do you work or go to school: 8th grade ELA teacher.

Highest personal skill levels passed: 

Coaching/Testing credentials/certifications: USFS compliant coach.

Competition experience: 

Specific coaching interests: Focused on building a strong skating foundation so skaters can succeed at high levels.

Professional goal(s): To help skaters achieve their goals and become great coaches for the next generation of skaters! Katie is always learning and researching to find new techniques to help her skaters succeed.